About us

In Al Desierto Con Omar : our main goal is customer satisfaction. To this end, we apply our quality parameters to all the elements that are Al Desierto Con Omar and we demand each of them the vocation of service to the traveller who has made this new wholesale travel more than 45,000 passengers a year to more than 100 countries around the world.
We will organize your travel, accommodation at hotels and riads, your bivouac in the desert, camel rides, meals in oasis. You will be guided by the tracks. We will help you to climb the dunes. We’ll take you to see dream landscapes and to meet hospitable people…
We’d like to share with you all this beauty…ETS.
The network that makes it possible to travel from Into the wilderness with Omar are:
Our professionals. The entire team of Into the wilderness with Omar He does his work, thinking about the customer, designing the best routes and looking for the best alternatives.
Our customers. You are the essence of our work. Every year we prepare each proposal agreement travel impressions we receive from travelers and the reception given in previous years. Our customers have made of Into the wilderness with Omarundisputed leader in the major travel segment, and more than 50% of our customers have made more than one trip with Into the wilderness with Omar . Thanks a lot!
We are available to go out on a date. We adapt to the needs and interests of people or groups. Personalized service
A bit of history
The founder omar, with is brother youssef. along with the rest of the team of Into the wilderness with Omarthey continue to work today with enthusiasm to offer quality trips tailored to the specific needs of each traveller.